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Membership Update Form

  1. Shiloh Baptist Church Membership Update Form

  2. Shiloh Baptist Church (SBC) is in the process of updating its membership records. Please review and update your membership information accordingly.

  3. **Your name and member number can be found on your giving envelop. If you do not have an envelop or can not remember your member number, just provide your name only.**

  4. Please check and/or complete the appropriate response

  5. Please select the appropriate response.

  6. If you selected the 2nd or 3rd option,please select the "Submit" button at the bottom of this screen.

  7. Updating Your Shelby Record

  8. Step 1 - Select the "Retreive your Shelby ID and Password" link, then enter your email address and then click the Continue button.

    NOTE: If you already have your Shelby WebView ID and Password, please skip to Step 2.

    If your email is not recognized by Shelby, you will need to contact the Shelby Administrator to have it reset.

  9. If you skip to Step 2,(PLEASE Return To This Screen And Complete Step 4).

  10. Step 2 - Once you receive the email containing your Shelby ID and Password, Click the "Login to Shelby WebView" link, then enter your ID into the Number/E-mail Address field and the Password into the Password field, then click the Login button.

  11. Step 3 - Once you are logged into the Shelby Webview, select the "Personel Profile" Tab at the top of the screen.

    In the member detail screen, update the following sections: personal information, address,and phone numbers Once you have completed your updates, select the "Update" button at the bottom of the screen.

  12. If you have additional family members you may make changes to there records by selecting their names and updating their records.

  13. Step 4 - Once you have completed all updates in Shelby WebView, select the "Submit" button at the bottom of this screen.

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